Wiji Island House


At Wiji Ecolodge, we take care of the health and safety of our guests and collaborators, which is why we have implemented a biosecurity protocol to prevent Covid -19 infections.

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Labor of the National Government, we have the following measures:

  • Make use of hand and luggage disinfection stations, prior to registration.
  • Implement the use of face masks.
  • Promote hand washing.
  • Provide soap and glycerinated alcohol.
  • Take the temperature of collaborators and visitors.
  • Clean and disinfect high contact areas frequently.
  • Locate antibacterial gel dispensers.
  • Provide all the protection elements to our collaborators.
  • Promote social distancing.
  • Inform and train on the necessary measures to prevent contagion.


To guarantee your peace of mind and confidence, we have personnel trained in the prevention, management and mitigation measures of Covid-19 infections.